"Affordable Web Pages for Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations"

Affordable Web Pages

Since 1999. David has been providing complete web page services for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Clients are typically those who have little or no knowledge of what they wish to see in a web page or have little knowledge of how one gets started in developing and implementing a web page for the organization or small business involved. Having worked for many years developing user friendly systems for users in manufacturing and educational environments, and teaching computer systems classes in one of the local universities, David is well versed in understanding client's needs and translating those needs to workable solutions. See our portfolio for some of the more recent pages under contract..

Services We Offer

    • Web Page Design and Implementation
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Hosting & Domain Name Registration
    • Web Page Maintenance & Updating
    • Trouble Shooting
    • Form Building & Processing
    • Data Base Set-up
    • Newsletters
    • Brochures
    • and more ...

Design Considerations

  • Purpose/Content/Layout - Within three to five seconds after getting to your site, a visitor will choose to continue on or to leave. Hence, it is important to clearly communicate the purpose and make your message easy to read.
  • Search Engine Compliant - It is important not only to provide a meaningful, easy to navigate web page but also one that is acceptable to being picked up by search engines.
  • Use of Color, Photos and Graphics - the colors, photos and graphics that appear on the pages of your site, need to complement and not distract from the message you wish to communicate.
  • Contacts - If appropriate, contact information should be easy to find. Care needs to be taken, however, to keep web crawlers from getting email addresses for use in delivering spam mail.
  • Form Processing - Forms may be used for a variety of reasons such as accessing member only parts of the site, requesting or submitting information, etc. Secure processing and distribution of the information gathered should be provided.
  • And More - Above are just a few of the many things that go into a well thought out web page. We will work with you to provide a site to which you will be proud to refer people and which will accomplish your goals.

  • For more information please contact us.

    (585) 723-0760 or e-mail info@daveschantz.com.